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Lisa Labute Law Office: Family Law in Windsor and Essex County

At Lisa Labute Law Office, we can help you with child support, spousal support and negotiations regarding ownership of property. Our founder, Lisa Labute, has served as a barrister and solicitor in the Windsor region for over 30 years. As a legal firm specializing in family law, we understand the parenting and financial complexities that arise from a divorce or separation. That is why we seek to achieve success with sensitivity towards our clients and their children. What’s more, we provide complete confidentiality of the case we undertake to enable our clients to speak up and feel secure that their case is in safe hands.


Our lawyers use their years of experience to intensively study every case for a successful hearing.

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We’ll make sure that we find you an amicable resolution, whether it’s divorce, separation or prenuptial agreements.

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Let us assist you in children’s aid matters and help in ensuring the safety and protection of your kid’s future.

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You can count on us to handle the procedure right from the drafting of a will to its execution.

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Welcome to parenthood! We’ll make sure that you get complete guidance on adoption practices to make the adoption process smooth.

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We’ll help you choose a reliable attorney to manage your finances and property for you.

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Decision-making Responsibility & Parenting Time (Custody & Access), Spousal or Child Support

Canadian law allows both parents to raise their children and to make decisions related to the care and wellbeing of their young ones. Whether you want to resolve issues related to your children, we can help.


Family law courts usually consider the following factors while making a decision pertaining to care of the children:

House-hold abuse.
Parent-child relationship.
Emotional ties of the child with each parent.
Future plans that each parent has for the child.
Parenting skills of each parent.
Relative financial capability of each parent to meet the needs of the child.
Best interest of the children.
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Divorce, Separation, Co-habitation and Prenuptial Agreements

It is always crucial to protect your rights in case you choose to separate from your partner. We offer support in signing co-habitation, prenuptial agreements, separation and divorce agreements. Lisa Labute Law Office can simplify the process.


Some legal facts to consider are as follows:

Co-habitation and prenuptial agreements help in outlining assets and financial ownership in case of separation or divorce.
In the event of separation agreements, the matrimonial home and other assets may need an evaluation.
Unlike a separation agreement, a divorce essentially shows the relationship’s legal status and must be granted by the court.
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Children’s Aid Matters

The child protection law in Canada ensures that no child under the age of 18 is vulnerable to exploitation or abuse at the hands of family. We work actively in operating and providing services to children, youth and families.

Some legal facts to consider are as follows:

The Child, Youth and Family Services Act has changed the way young people receive protection and has provided them with a range of fundamental rights.
On January 1, 2018, the age of protection was raised from 16 to 18.
Factors such as race, culture, heritage, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity matter more than you might think.
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We work closely with our clients in the drafting of their will. We’ll also provide complete support to ensure that the decision to keep or transfer your property solely lies in your hands.


We can help you with the following:

Estate planning
Trusts and living trusts
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Step-parent Adoptions

The idea of adopting a child is exciting but involves lengthy and complicated paperwork in the family court system. If you wish to complete a step-parent adoption, we can guide you through the whole process of adoption and be your constant companion till the time of successful adoption.

The court will investigate the following areas in a successful adoption hearing:

Whether the adoption lies in the child’s best interest.
Whether the prospective parents are suitable for adoption.
If the procedures and requirements pertaining to the adoption were taken care of or not.
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Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is an important legal document that gives the right to make either financial or personal care decisions on your behalf to someone you trust. We offer specialized services in helping you choose the power of attorney that works best with you.


You must consider the following while giving a power of attorney for your property or personal care:

The total value of your assets.
Your obligations to dependents (if any).
Your wishes related to personal care.
The authority and power will be transferred to the person holding a power of attorney.
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Family Law

Under the above areas of family law, these are some of the specific important issues we handle:

Obtaining or changing decision-making responsibility & parenting time with the children (Custody & Access).
Gaining access for you to see your children or making changes to access arrangements previously made.
Obtaining child support.
Increasing or decreasing the amount of spousal and/or child support.
Obtaining spousal support.
Negotiating ownership of property.
Dividing family property

Child Support Services

Don’t let a toxic relationship ruin your child’s mental health. Book an appointment for exceptional child support services today.

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