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We Accept Legal Aid Certificates in Windsor and Essex County

In the event that you cannot afford a lawyer and have few resources, you may qualify for compensation for some or all of your legal expenses. Now, you don’t need to give up your hope as the federal government supports low-income families with legal aid programs that can be used to pay all your upfront charges, including the lawyer’s fee. At Lisa Labute Law Office, we accept legal aid certificates and aid through the Canadian Automobile Workers Legal Services Plan, which works to provide affordable services to members of the union and their spouses and dependents. Visit our office in Windsor to discuss further the legal aid programs we support for families that cannot afford to pay upfront for our services.

Our Legal Aid Program for You

If you are short on resources and can’t afford a lawyer, you may qualify for compensation for some or all of your legal expenses. We can help you find a variety of programs that can make the legal process affordable to you.

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) receives funding from the government to provide legal aid to low-income citizens. Aid is generally free unless it is determined that you have the money to pay for a lawyer after basic necessities are met. However, you may need to repay costs based on the amount of money you receive in a settlement.

For more information, please visit the LAO website-

Unifor Legal Services Plan

We now service the clients under the Unifor Legal Service Plan. The sole purpose of the Unifor Legal Services Plan is to ensure the provision of quality personal legal services to eligible members of the UNIFOR union and their immediate family members at affordable rates.

Visit to find your local office.

Unifor Legal Services Plan

We Can Arrange for Legal Compensation

We can help facilitate legal aid and arrange for compensation for your legal expenses.

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